Professional Projects

Listed here are examples of projects I have worked on during my career, including product pages and videos.

Trucking & Logistics

At TMW Systems, I work primarily on development and design of the critical Rating Engine module of the .NET-based products, used to calculate billing and pay rates based on numerous trip parameters.

Mobile Energy App

At RoviSys, I enhanced an iOS PhoneGap power generation monitor app. In this video, the app is described starting at 7:25. I worked on portions of the app shown at 9:25.


I worked with another developer at RoviSys to create this location management system. Based on initial success as an internal application, it is now offered as a product.

Mobile Delivery App

I developed this application for the tracking of the delivery of manufactured glass products while at RoviSys. It includes integration with a barcode scanner and iPad camera.


During my time at RoviSys, I made numerous contributions to this project management web application.

Other Projects

I created and contributed to these software projects independent of a position with any company.


This open-source implementation of the Cinch card game was developed with Python, Knockout.js, and Socket.IO.

Quilting System

Web application for creating, sharing, and modifying quilt designs. Runs on Node.js and MongoDB on the server, AngularJS on the client, and Socket.IO for communication.

Project Euler

The badge below links to a JSFiddle page containing my solutions to some of the Project Euler problems, written with a focus on quickly arriving at a solution as opposed to quality, robustness, or performance.